Art & Photography

Exteriors: Annie Ernaux and Photography Lou Stoppard MEP
FeatureThis Photography Show Captures the Visual Literary Style of Annie Ernaux
Flowers To Dress The Dead by Billy Barraclough
In PicturesIn Pictures: India’s Abundant Flower Markets
Warhol_13-33 001
FeatureWho Is Dorothy Dean? A 1960s New York Star Steps Into the Light
The Inaugural Mothers’ Ball
NewsThe Story Behind Cameron Ugbodu’s Charitable Art Piece for Auction
Tremors by Tali Lennox Artist
FeatureTali Lennox, the Artist Crafting Surreal Dystopias
Valie Export
AnOther GuideA Five-Point Guide to Avant-Garde Artist Valie Export
Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, Finding Calm, 2022
FeatureSarfo Emmanuel Annor: “I Want to Showcase the Beauty of Black Skin”
Björk by Spike Jonze
In ConversationSee Spike Jonze’s Unseen Photos of Björk
Paul Cadmus Male Nudes Daniel Cooney Fine Art
FeatureHow Paul Cadmus Queered the Language of the Old Masters
Rudolf Nureyev by Colin Jones Kim Jones Dior Men's
FeatureRudolf Nureyev: Rarely Seen Portraits of Ballet’s Original Enfant Terrible
Marie and Lucie by Ewa Kluczenko and Patrick Bienert
In PicturesThis Photo Book Captures the Beauty of Sisterhood